Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Recently Gifted to The Darnell Collection

A selection of fabulous couture gowns by the world's most acclaimed designers including Balenciaga and Balmain. I am delighted to now own several superb examples of Australian couture with the inclusion of fine evening dresses by Beryl Jents.

Of course, Ozzie Clark is one of my all time favourite English designers and the addition (actually not exactly a recent addition, but only recently confirmed as being by Ozzie Clarke!) of the wonderful three piece silk ensemble with tie-dyed silk fabric, is exciting.

I was also fortunate enough to be given fifty seven cotton 1950s summer dresses - all with an Australian provenance. Over the next few months I will have them all photographed and catalogued and will post them in due course.
I hastily photographed these - hence they are not perfectly steamed, but I am happy they are up for everyone to see.

Balmain Couture, late 1950s

Pretty cotton dress, made in Australia, 1950s

Another pretty cotton dress, Australia, 1950s

Philip Hulitar, linen, 1960s

Unknown designer, Australia, cotton, a very cool 1960s!

Stunning Balenciaga Couture, 1950s. 

Beryl Jents Couture, Australia, wool and sequins, 1960

Ozzie Clark (fabric by Celia Birtwell), 1960s

Beryl Jents Couture, 1960s

Couture ball gown from the 1950s, American