Thursday, October 12, 2017

JetSet Homes and Sydney Architectural firm Pappas Alexiou work with The Darnell Collection

The term Mid Century Modern has become a moniker for chic, urbane and streamlined design in architecture, furniture and fashion.

When Sydney architectural firm, Pappas Alexiou approached The Darnell Collection about collaborating with a fashion shoot to bring to life their new modular homes, Jetset Homes, in a visionary marketing campaign, I jumped at the opportunity.

Out of my climate controlled room at Grace Fine Art, I pulled a classic Christian Dior wool knit jumpsuit (perfect for Emma Peel), a glazed cotton 'New Look' day dress by L'Aiglon (very Mad Men) and a chic pair of modern patent leather Gianvitto Rossi wedge sandals. 

The process was fascinating. Our model posed in front of a green screen. Her image, in various poses and outfits, was then digitally superimposed into Jetset Homes' stunning California style backdrops. 

The end result is classy, sophisticated mid century modern imagery - reliving a 'Jetsons' moment and creating an aspirational 21st century lifestyle. 
Thank you for the fab experience!

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Hair: Chris Wolf Hair (
Photography: Brigitte Grant Photography (
Model: Olivia de Govrik
Grace Fine Art (

Rocking an Emma Peel-style Dior 60s jumpsuit
Mad Men style late 50s dress by L'Aiglon
Reposing in a pair of silk chiffon palazzo pants

Very Moorish!