Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Australian Women's Weekly and The Darnell Collection launch "Fashion: The First Fifty Years" at the National Library, Canberra

Olivia recreating one of the 60s magazine covers

The cover featured in the book

Lindsay looking Mod AND elegant!

A grand pose with the beautiful models at the launch.

With the elite of the editing, archive and fashion worlds.
Me wearing a 60s dress from America; Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements; Former Editor-in-Chief of Australia Women's Weekly, Deborah Thomas; the Director-General of the National Library of Australia, Anne-Marie Schwirtlich; Model and Face of Fashfest, Belinda Riding. Kirstie and Deborah co-wrote the book. 

Launching the book at the National Library, Canberra

Another magazine cover recreated for the book launch.