Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Auscott Cotton Farm and The Darnell Collection: A Great Day Out

This week, I spent the day with fashion industry professionals in Narrabri, NSW, Australia as a guest of Cotton Australia and Auscott Ltd. I was immersed in the world of cotton and witnessed the journey cotton takes from its raw state on a plant in vast swathes of cotton fields through the laborious, but highly sophisticated process of deseeding and processing at the cotton gin before awaiting its exportation to spinning mills around the world who anticipate the arrival of each highly sought after bale of perfect Australian cotton.

What surprised me was how naturally white cotton is in its raw state. What bowled me over was learning how many steps are required to take cotton from field to fibre. What impressed me most was the sophisticated technology for which Australia is not only respected, but is recognised as a world leader in the cotton industry.

I hope you enjoy my adventure discovering the wonderful world of Australian cotton as much as I did.

For more information on this beautiful natural fibre:

Ready for the flight! Private jet courtesy of Auscott Cotton 

In a sea of pure white cotton at the Auscott Cotton Farm in Narrabri, NSW

The Beast!

A natural wonder!
A spiky and tough stem protects and nurtures the downy fluff of cotton in its raw state

On board a cotton harvester at Auscott. The skill of manoeuvring a massive cotton harvesting machine down the narrow strips between the cotton plants is an art in itself. 

The serenity of cotton harvesters in the distance at Carberry Cotton Farm, Narrabri

'Cotton Gin Central' at Auscott.
This hub is literally pulsing with energy. Here, cotton gins run almost 24/7 deseeding and preparing the cotton fibres for export. Australia's cotton production is small compared to the big cotton producing countries like America and India, but it can proudly boast being the third largest exporter of cotton in the world 

The view looking down from the cab of a cotton harvester

Huge 2 tonne 'bales' of cotton waiting to be beautified by the cotton gins at Auscott

The 'moon buggy' drops its 2 tonne load - (straight out of a James Bond film)

Eli Whitney would stand proud knowing his invention of the cotton gin during the Industrial Revolution continues to shape the thriving cotton industry around the world

American Eli Whitney revolutionised the cotton industry (and changed the lives of American slaves in the process)

The pulsing energy of huge cotton gins deseeding millions of tonnes of raw cotton all in one space. Auscott Cotton Gin

The towering infrastructure at Auscott Cotton Gin in Narrabri NSW. The Georg Pompidou of Cotton Gins!

Raw cotton being prepared for its turn through the cotton gins

I am still amazed that huge, lumbering machinery can be so delicate in the harvesting of cotton

Our fabulous day ends as we head back to Sydney on board the Auscott jet as we look out over clouds as fluffy as cotton