Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fashions of Multicultural Australia Catwalk Parade

'Fashion is a common denominator among all cultures -and a catalyst for social cohesion'

Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) is a first-ever national initiative 
that will integrate cultures and foster social cohesion 
through the universally binding industry that is fashion.

A colourful, exuberant and visually stunning fashion parade will be held at Nanda/Hobbs Contemporary Gallery in Sydney on March 10th 2018.

The initiative will provide a platform for Indigenous, CALD ( Culturally and linguistically diverse) and refugee designers and trendsetters from across the globe. 

Additionally, FOMA will foster deeper cultural understanding within communities and promote cross-cultural artistry.

I have always believed fashion (and food) to be unifiers in our complicated and divisive world. 

Fashion is a visual form of storytelling
Fashion tells us about the designer, about the wearer, about the times in which a garment was worn, where and why. It opens a window to social, cultural, fashion, women and men's histories. 

Fashion is fabulous! 

 I am proud to join Anupam, Julie and Monika as an inaugural Ambassador 
of this incredible fashion and cultural initiative. 

 Designers included the 2018 Inaugural Fashion Parade

Inspiring stories of cultural identity from Turkey, Christmas & Cocos Keeling Islands, the Philippines,
Aboriginal Australia and Portugal
Designers from Lebanon, Pakistan, Peru, Brazil and Africa continue the global fashion story
For more information about this first-ever multicultural fashion event please go to