Thursday, January 25, 2018

Australian Women's Weekly photo shoot for my new book, One Enchanted Evening

Only for very special reasons do I allow models to wear gowns in 
The Darnell Collection, but I felt a feature of my new book, 
One Enchanted Evening
in Australian Women's Weekly, was a wonderful opportunity 
to bring a selection of dresses to life. 

There are some dresses too valuable or fragile to allow to be worn, 
but there were plenty of others from the book that made choosing difficult. 
I also had to pick garments that suited the three models' individuality, 
who were also 6 foot tall. 

I always enjoying transforming modern women (and men) into another era. 
For this shoot, we were working with garments 
from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 2000s. 
All very different moods, dress silhouettes, hair and beauty styles, accessories. It was an exciting challenge. 

In the end, I went for dresses that either had stories personal to me 
or designer/decade histories I thought would highlight 
the diversity of stories (and fashion) in my book.