Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Paco Rabanne dress, made for the movie Barbarella, is gifted to The Darnell Collection

Spectacular Paco Rabanne Red Carpet Gown

A truly stunning and extraordinary dress is by Spanish born, Paris based designer, 
Paco Rabanne

The gown was gifted to the collection by an Australian collector who has an undeniably good eye for buying important garments that showcase he designer, the decade and celebrate the art of dressmaking and glorious fashion styles. 

This dress was originally bought by a dealer from Antwerp at auction in Paris, Hotel Druout, when Paco Rabanne's archives were officially sold. (This wouldn't happen today!) It was sold with a date of 1988. Recently, Karen Augusta, America's leading textile expert and owner of Augusta Auctions examined the dress. She believes the dress is from 1968 - 1971 and was probably made for the movie Barbarella for which Rabanne was the costume designer. The dress has never been worn which makes its history even more intriguing.

I am waiting for a very special occasion to exhibit this dress. 
It will be THE show stopping centre piece, without doubt.

Photographs by Brigitte Grant Photography