Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lucile Exhibition in Guelph Ontario and The Darnell Collection

A dress by Lucile goes on exhibition at the Guelph Museum, Ontario

One of the most remarkable, visually stunning and truly extraordinary in its detail to craftsmanship, is a Lucile dress, dated 1918, from The Darnell Collection which will go on display at Guelph Museum, Ontario as part of this unique exhibition. 
It is the dress I always mention as my favourite when asked 'Which is your favourite dress in the collection'! Made of fine gold metallic thread spun, like a spider's web, onto which silk taffeta roses, glass beads and tiny bows have been appliqu├ęd, under which a slip so beautifully crafted it could be worn as a slinky dress on its own. The dress is so fragile that it will be displayed in a glass case throughout the six month exhibition.
As soon as the exhibition is installed I'll post the dress in full.