Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hydro Majestic Hotel and The Darnell Collection adds glamour to 'Cocktails & Serenades' Metropolitan String Orchestra Concert

Cocktails & Serenades fashion parade at the Hydro Majestic Hotel

One of the more elegant and sumptuous evenings I have had recently took place at the exquisite and iconic Hydro Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains. Under the twinkling chandeliers the Metropolitan Sting Orchestra played to guests as we dined in the Grand Ballroom. Beforehand, I had the privilege of presenting a parade of 50 years of cocktail fashion modelled by students from Blue Mountains Grammar School for which the evening raised money. As always, the fashion and its quirky stories stole the show, but only because it was modelled with such √©lan. 
Thank you to Anne Cranna for her photographs.
In the majestic newly erected marquee at the Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains. (I'm wearing Beryl Jents from the 70s)
A bit of exotic 60s Morrocan glamour
"Some kind of wonderful" - 80s at its best!
Sequin dress by J. Bari and a suit, worn by Tim Ferris, lead drummer for INXS, in the 80s while on tour, and custom-made by John Richmond Tailors, London
So fresh and pretty! 50s Christian Dior and 60s Pierre Cardin
80s and 60s: A Vivian Chan Shaw knit dress 
Armani Haute Couture suit from the 80s and a 60s Tori Richards hostess gown
Emilio Pucci - 1960s
Unlabelled cotton dress embroidered with wool yarn - 60s
Couldn't ask for a more beautiful line-up of models and outfits
1920s linen and wool outfit
A dizzying clash of colours and patterns
1950s Horrockses of London cotton party dress