Ballarat Heritage Weekend: "Ignite Your Fashion Curiosity"

Two days of parades brought to life the more curious fashion moments during the past 100 years and allowed me to use outfits from the Darnell Collection I haven't seen on the catwalk before. The most fun aspect of developing parades is the opportunity to choose from stunning models who all have their own look and bring out the best of their outfit in a most personal and unique way. 
We had Pucci, Vivienne Westwood, JP Gaultier, a bride's country wedding dress from 1905, as well as wool, silk, cotton and polyester. 
There was so much going on onstage at Ballarat!
Thank you to my fab models, Eva Baker, Missie Villamor, and 
the Ballarat Heritage Festival Weekend committee

Photos credited to:
@runoir_homme; @tessparker; @coffeebreakwithbelinda; @chip_shots; @findingfemme

What a fabulous visual fashion timeline!!
Catriona wears 1950s (and a Dior hat!)
A feminine and charming 1905 country cotton wedding dress

Pucci with attitude!

Only a 1960s hostess could rock a wool, tartan long skirt!
Jean Paul Gaultier

Got the 80s hair spot on Eva Baker (
1980s, 1920s, 1930s!
(and perfect makeup @missievillamor)

'In Conversation' with Claudia Chan Shaw and Catriona Rowntree at the Ballarat Heritage Weekend

With my very special guests and lovely friends, Claudia Chan Shaw (TV presenter, author and fashion designer) and Catriona Rowntree (TV presenter, author and fashion designer), we talked fashion, natural fibres, adventures and books. Our audience enjoyed some of the more personal stories shared by the three of us! 

Ballarat Heritage Weekend is the BEST!

Three women in wool!
Wearing a man's 1920 silk dressing gown!

Thank you #runoir_homme for the photos

A spectacular evening helps raise money and awareness for Otago Community Hospice, Dunedin, NZ

Models backstage dressed head to toe in Darnell

Models dressed in Hospice Shop finds!

All of my models bring a wealth of experiences and personal stories. Dressed in Darnell!

Otago Hospice Fundraising Catwalk Gala, Dunedin, New Zealand

Another wonderful event with which to be involved, The Otago Community Hospice
Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand
Thursday 19th May

A dress by Lucile goes on exhibition at the Guelph Museum, Ontario

One of the most remarkable, visually stunning and truly extraordinary in its detail to craftsmanship, is a Lucile dress, dated 1918, from The Darnell Collection which will go on display at Guelph Museum, Ontario as part of this unique exhibition. 
It is the dress I always mention as my favourite when asked 'Which is your favourite dress in the collection'! Made of fine gold metallic thread spun, like a spider's web, onto which silk taffeta roses, glass beads and tiny bows have been appliqu├ęd, under which a slip so beautifully crafted it could be worn as a slinky dress on its own. The dress is so fragile that it will be displayed in a glass case throughout the six month exhibition.
As soon as the exhibition is installed I'll post the dress in full.