The Darnell Collection at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017

42 parades in 14 days!!
Cotton, Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Linen and Silk 
were brought to life on the catwalk at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the Fashion & Style Pavilion.

As host, stylist and Fashion Anthropologist, I presented three parades each day, which added to the agricultural vibe at the Show. Trivia, facts and figures for each of the natural fibres showcased layered another element to the stylish ambience and the professionalism of the models. 

Hundreds of outfits and accessories from The Darnell Collection were worn 
by students modelling in front of thousands of spectators. 

Hair and makeup was expertly provided by TAFE Ultimo and Gymea, Cameron Jane, Sydney, Chris Wolf Hair, Katoomba and several independent professionals.

Music, from Santana to Goldfrapp, kept things lively - thanks to the brilliant sound and lighting team of students from TAFE Quakers Hill.

Models came from schools across the Greater Metropolitan Sydney, Canberra and Blue Mountains as well as Cameron Jane and D Surace Media Productions. 

All in all 150 people were involved to make these shows happen. What a fortnight!
Thank you to everyone involved.
Channelling David Bowie in a pair of 20s wool tweed plus-fours, a 30s wool dinner jacket and a cricket scarf!
Perfect Easter colours!
Wool: From the fleece from one sheep's back you can produce 3 suits, 6 dresses and 70 pairs of sock!
Wool crepe wedding dress by Adrian Makepiece. 1990s channelling 1860s! 
Alpaca cape - Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas 6000 years ago. It was called 'the fibre of the Gods'.
Australian designer Bianca Spender silk evening dress. If you unravelled the filament of a silk cocoon it would stretch for 1 kilometre. To weave a silk kimono, you will require 2000-3000 cocoons worth of silk filament.

Easter Monday line-up!
Linen from the 60s - the finest linen thread is the Ferguson's Double Damask which is so fine that if you weighed 40 kilometres of it, it would only weight 1 kilo!
Back Stage - Just before our parade began
A fun cotton fact - natural shades of cotton varieties in South America come in shades of red, yellow, beige, chocolate, pink, purple, green and one patterned like a leopard!
@Goldheist wearing wool looking WW11 ready!
Sydney menswear designer Joe Banana cotton velveteen coat from the 70s
Suave and tailored wool ensemble

Parading out and about at the Show
Wool and cotton - just before the parade!
Mohair - fleece from the Angora Goat produces the Mohair fibre
Some awesome and eclectic ensembles!

Mohair, Silk, Cotton, Silk, Linen!!

All simles - the parade is over for the day!
Another day - another parade!

The Perfect Afternoon Tea at Blue Mountains Grammar

There is no better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon 
than to watch beautiful young women (all students at Grammar) model 
one hundred years of fashions worn by ladies to 'take tea'. 

We began with the 1900s and ended with 2016. 
A packed house helped us celebrate this wonderful tradition that raised $3000 for the
Blue Mountains Grammar Parents & Friends Organisation.

All the dresses and accessories were sourced from The Darnell Collection.
(Photos couresty of Brigitte Grant Photography and Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)

Cakes and tea sandwiches graced every table
A delicate lawn and hand embroidered lace tea gown from 1900 worn by Claudia
A stunning linen and cotton crocheted lace skirt and jacket from 1910 worn by Alex
(Photo credit: Anne Crana, Blue Mountains Grammar)
An unusual linen and cotton crocheted lace day dress from 1920 worn by Eleni
A cotton embroidered party dress from 1920 worn by Nikki
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
A beautiful cotton organdie tea gown from Holland from 1938 worn by Kate
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
A silk ribbon dress and sheared mouton cape from 1942 worn by Olivia
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)

A lovely polished cotton printed day dress by L'Aignon from 1955 worn by Anetta
A summery cotton party dress by Horrockses of London from 1955 worn by Emma
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
A rayon jumpsuit from the 1960s worn by Olivia
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
A silk knit long Pucci hostess gown (and Mary Quant sunglasses) from 1964 worn by Alex
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
An ethereal Mexican cotton party dress from the mid 1970s worn by Eleni
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)

A silk 'Buckingham Palace' tea party dress by Andrea Odicini from the 1980s worn by Olivia
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
A polyester and silk silk-screened mini dress by Joseph Ribkoff from the mid 1990s worn by Emma
A boucle wool Burberry dress from the late 1990s worn by Anetta
(Photo credit: Anne Cranna, Blue Mountains Grammar)
A pretty silk dress by TATA-NAKA from 2015 worn by Kate

Fashions for the Perfect Afternoon Tea - a fundraising event at Blue Mountains Grammar School

One Hundred years of elegant and ladylike fashion will be showcased on the catwalk and will celebrate what women wore to take tea.
From a delicate white cotton voile Edwardian dress, a silk satin floral printed dress from Holland, a demure Fifties New Look taffeta tea party dress, to a Dior skirt suit and Pucci hostess gown to dresses perfect for the modern woman.
Every dress will be accessorised with beautiful hats, gloves, handbags and jewels.

It will be a glorious afternoon and a wonderful way to raise money for the
Blue Mountains Grammar School Parents & Friends.

Please join us for a perfect afternoon.
$35 per person; $25 concession; $15 student
Bookings: 4757-9000

Fashion Parade at the Roaring Twenties festival at the Hydro Majestic Hotel

The Fifth annual Roaring Twenties/Charleston Challenge event took place high in the mountains of NSW on (another) foggy day. We didn't beat the world record for the number of dancers, dressed in vintage, dancing the Charleston, but we certainly had a fabulous time trying.

Following the Challenge, 250 people adjourned to the Hydro Majestic marquee to spend the afternoon wining and dining on a locally produced five course meal. 

The Darnell Collection was featured in a mini catwalk parade of rare and stunning 1920s garments and accessories, co-hosted by the fabulous Damien Beaumont, presenter at ABC Classic FM radio.

What a great day. I'm still recovering! 
Congratulations to everyone who organised and brought this festival to fruition. Bring on 2018!
A misty moment dancing the Charleston
With my great friend and Patron of the Festival, Claudia Chan Shaw
Winners of the Best Dressed competitions
At the Long Lunch 20s fashion parade. Olivia wears an original 20s 'step-in' chemise (or 'onesie' as we call it today!)

Olivia wears a 20s silk 'teddy'
Eleni wears a silk tricot knit sweater, palazzo pants and hand printed silk chiffon blouse

Eleni's second outfit is a beautiful silk and glass bead embellished dress with an Egyptian motif

Kate wears a stunning silk 20s wedding dress

Anetta wears a delicate lace and silk crepe evening dress and a silk with silk moire shawl 

Posing on the terrace at the historic Hydro Majestic Hotel, Mellow Bath, Blue Mountains
Parade's over. Time to relax!