Thursday, January 11, 2018

1960s Hallmark Paper Party Dress

For the perfectionist Hostess who wanted to be the centre of attention as well as perfectly coordinated, in the mid to late 1960s, Hallmark produced paper party dresses that matched the party accessories from the centrepiece to the paper flowers and matchbook covers.

In 1966, the Scott Paper Company in America used a gimmicky marketing ploy to market their new range of throwaway tableware. For just $1.25, consumers could send away for their paper dress which was posted back along with coupons to buy their tableware. 
Scott Paper Company received half a million orders in six months. 

 The idea of wearing paper dresses caught on and became a massive hit at a time when the youth fancied crazes, hip fashion trends and the idea of disposability (the idea of having disposable incomes was new). The huge potential of wearing 'wearable advertising' for products and political messages encouraged other companies to produce and sell dresses by the hundreds of thousands, 
including Hallmark.

Paper dresses could be altered in minutes with a pair of scissors and tape, worn once or twice and then thrown away. This was perfect for the new generation of women who were eager 
to rebel against the 'Make Do and Mend' culture of WW11.

The fad was short lived and by 1968, when a new Hippy fashion movement took hold, 
paper dresses were out of date.

This wonderful, colourful and fun paper dress, made by Hallmark, is in The Darnell Collection. It even has its original packaging. 

(photograph: Brigitte Grant Photography)

Monday, January 8, 2018

One Enchanted Evening at Leura Garage Book Launch

The storms cleared as the launch of 'One Enchanted Evening', my third book (Affirm Press) about dresses in The Darnell Collection and stories about the women who wore them, kicked off the summer season
in the Blue Mountains.

Ultra trendy Leura Garage was emptied of its tables and chairs and replaced with a catwalk. Seven local models wore garments from the collection, from the 70s to the 90s.
Two 1929 Cadillac Lasalle automobiles, on loan from Blue Mountains Vintage Cadillacs, ferried models to and from the catwalk venue.
Nearby Caffeine & Gasoline cafe was turned into the styling and wardrobe area.
ABC Nightly News presenter, Jeremy Fernandez, was ever so professional and suave as the evening's Emcee.

Leura Garage hosted a bountiful evening with flowing Central West wines and platters of locally sourced canap├ęs to 150 guests. All captured in full colour by Brigitte Grant Photography.

It was a fabulous evening celebrating what is best about being a 'local'!

Models surround a stunning and rare 1929 Cadillac Lasalle

With ABC Nightly News presenter, Jeremy Fernandez, Emcee of the evening, in a 1929 Cadillac Lasalle