Some People Just Know How to Wear Hats

The Darnell Collection boasts many hundreds of hats dating as early as a fancy and rare Norfolk leghorn straw poke bonnet, c. 1800 to a architectural wonder by Stephen Jones, c. 1980s, made from plastic horsehair coils filled with faux pearls. Even the 21st century is covered with hats a diverse as one that covers the face of the wearer with a circular array of Lyre bird feathers along with a stunning hat by Queensland milliner extraordinaire, Christie Millinery Designs - a dyed blue and woven straw perch hat fit for the Duchess of Cambridge. The Darnell Collection is proud to tell the story of hats over the past 200+ years.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite hat-wearing men and women as well as a tiny selection of women's hats from the Collection. (I'll post some of my coolest men's hats soon!)

Vivien Leigh

Mrs Barnhart featured in Vogue USA April 2015 issue 

Tamara wears a 1950s wide brim hat perfect for summer parties (photographed by Brigitte  Grant Photography)


A 1920s hat made with lace, silk flowers and seed pods from a Clematis flower. French. From the Collection

Truly smokey and divine!

An explosion of colour worn regally

A hat by Lily Dache, silk and patent leather, 1950. Photo by Brigitte Grant Photography. From the Collection

A pretty woven raffia summer hat with cotton, velvet and dried flowers, 1890s. American. From the Collection

Olivia wears an early 1940s Casablanca-style wool felt Fedora. From the Collection

Doris Darnell always wore wide brim hats with ease and grace

A wonderful blend of tribal and Western fashion
A 1960s kid leather ensemble from France is worn beautifully in the mood of the Mods

A straw wide brim picture hat by Calvert's, c. 1930s (Photography by Brigitte Grant photography)

A rare Norfolk leghorn straw poke bonnet with pink silk lining, c. 1800. From the Collection

Maker unknown (possibly Lucile), a gold lame and silk ribbon flower turban, c. 1917. From the Collection

Don Draper in MadMen cuts a suave silhouette

The wonderful David Shilling, English milliner extraordinaire

David Shilling again at Royal Ascot