'After Five: fashion from the Darnell Collection' at Hazelhurst Art Gallery

Wearing a 1960s Paganne wool dress (and Armani shoes)!

Fabulous 20s

Looking towards the 40s & 60s

Dior 2010
'After Five: Fashion from the Darnell Collection' opened at Hazelhurst Art Gallery on the 23rd March. 36 dresses showcase the spectacular fashions worn by women 'after five'. Designers include Dior, Fontana of Italy, Courreges, Pucci, Malcolm Starr, Ninette of Melbourne, Quant, Studebaker Hawk and many more. Fashion from the 1920s through to 2010 captures what was glamorous in each decade over seventy years. The exhibition is open until the 12th May. (more photos will be posted soon!)