TV filming of 'Undergarments' with the Darnell Collection

The picturesque and historic National Trust property, Woodford Academy in the Blue Mountains of NSW, was the venue for the filming of a documentary series featuring the history of undergarments. Crinolines, bustles, Victorian corsets and petticoats, and a smattering of 20th century bras, girdles and underwear from The Darnell Collection, were featured. Tamara was our obliging 'Victorian lass' who sported all sorts of undergarments. She was filmed descending a narrow staircase in her crinoline dress, just as a woman would have done at Woodford when it was an inn in the mid 1800s.
Victorian fashion brought Woodford Academy back to life for a day!

My assistants, Kirsten and Olivia, standing amidst a sea of petticoats in the original school room
(a handmade crinoline, made from garden tubing and hessian tape, waits to be used)

Tamara demonstrating what a crinoline dress looks like when seated

What is looks like underneath a crinoline dress!

Makeup stylist, Rachel, creates a soft, Victorian look

The camera crew filming Tamara as she descends the narrow Victorian staircase in her crinoline dress