"Wool in Couture" opens in Bendigo

Following on the Dior clad heels of Princess Grace, the Darnell Collection adds a bit of classic, funky and elegant couture to the hallowed halls of fashion exhibitions in beautiful Bendigo. 24 vintage outfits dating from 1940 to 2008, by international designers like Chanel, Dior, Leonard of Paris, Pucci and Moschino along with Australian fashion royalty including Akira and Michelle Jank, "Wool in Couture" celebrates the history of wool and its dominance as the luxury fabric of choice by designers around the world. The exhibition runs from July 2 - 22nd and celebrates "Women in Wool" as part of the Australian Wool and Sheep Show. Charlotte Smith is a Women of Wool ambassador for 2012.
Day one at Dudley House
Here are some photos - a bit jumbled - but show the various stages of set-up and the final result  plus some images of the lovely city of Bendigo (on a rather stormy winter's day).

Wearing my gorgeous Neve scarf to ward off the winter chill

Local architecture

mannequins are unpacked

'Wool in Couture' up and ready for visitors

Suits from the 40s to 80s with Chanel in dusty pink tweed!

A bit of name dropping: Akira Isogawa, Leonard of Paris, Vivienne Westwood and Dior

Wool evening gowns!

a stunning Michelle Jank dress in wool jersey

Thierry Mugler and Comme des Garcons, hat by Mr. John

A stunning 50s sweater and a vibrant wool hat with exquisite brooch by Vintage Scamp

more evening gowns in wool

Victorian wool and silk shawl from 1880s

This could be Europe, but it's Bendigo!!