Fashion Meets Fiction at the Burrinja Cultural Centre in November

Burrinja Cultural Centre is proud to announce a new exhibition coming in November 2012 - Fashion meets Fiction is an exciting and innovative exhibition concept that brings together our love of popular fiction and its many famous colourful characters with the cultural trend towards high-end fashion, and particularly period pieces.

In partnership with Eastern Regional Libraries and celebrating the National Year of Reading, this exhibition travels through time and the popular culture and fiction of the periods, drawing together the threads of character, period, fashion and finery.

An extensive public program will be on offer, including dining with author Kerry Greenwood, catwalk events, night time viewings, mother and daughter experiences combined with special menus in the café, workshops and much more. There will be opportunities to meet Charlotte Smith, custodian and curator of the Darnell Collection, and author of the two exceedingly popular collection-based books Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel. Full details of our public program will be announced in September.

Burrinja Executive Officer, Ross Farnell believes “Fashion meets Fiction is a unique and fascinating event that brings together over 200 years of costume, fashion, design and fiction with the many famous and often glamorous characters that inhabit our popular culture; from Scarlett O'Hara to Holly Golightly, Phryne Fisher to Carrie Bradshaw and beyond. The exhibition and a raft of fabulous events will immerse audiences into the world of these celebrated fictional characters through fashion, creating a not-to-be-missed experience.“

This exhibition will be a must see for all fashion, fiction, design and history buffs. Book your tickets for this great exhibition online or call us on 9754 8723.

About the Darnell Collection
For over 70 years Doris Darnell, a Quaker from Pennsylvania, pursued a passion for fashion by collecting vintage clothes and accessories. For Doris, the social history behind the items was as important as the items themselves and preserving them and their stories for future generations became an important part of her passion. The Darnell Collection grew out of donations and gifts from around the world. Importantly, most of the items came with accompanying letters, photographs and stories which linked them to the original owners or donors and often to the occasions to which they were worn.

Charlotte Smith inherited her godmother Doris's collection in 2004. It has continued to grow through further bequests to over 5,500 pieces representing 23 different countries and is considered the largest private vintage clothing collection in Australia.

Every aspect of a woman's wardrobe since 1720 to present day is included: outerwear, underwear, nightwear, day and evening dresses, wedding dresses, sportswear, shoes, hats, handbags, gloves, jewellery, lace, buttons, fans, feathers, textiles, wire hoop crinolines and bustles. Men's and children's clothing is also represented as is a large reference library of books, journals and museum exhibition catalogues.

As custodian of the Darnell Collection, Charlotte recognises the importance of its role in fashion history education and its role as a design resource. The collection's mission is to preserve, develop and enhance the collection's ability to educate, interpret and inspire existing and new audiences for the better understanding and appreciation of the art of fashion.