How to spend a great BIRTHDAY! Buying vintage Couture at Shapiro Auction House in Sydney

So what else could a girl want to do on her birthday, but bid on (and win!) fabulous vintage couture. I arrived at Shapiro's Auctions hoping I would get something and walked away 2 hours later with a car load of serious couture - all from the 60s - 80s including garments by some of the world's most desirable designers.

Some of it is for the collection and other bits - like the Moschino and Pierre Cardin dress - will go straight into my wardrobe at home!

And, I might give the Pucci sunglasses a go too! What a fun and exciting day. And on a day when I celebrated my 39th ........ again!!

A vivid collection of Hermes ties up for auction

Vivienne Westwood 80s wool outfit - this is going straight to Bendigo for the 'Wool in Couture' exhibition opening on the 2nd July

A little Louis Vuitton and a Chanel feather hat!

A kaleidoscope of colours