WWDMAGIC - LAS VEGAS - from my interview

Be sure to check out our Dreaming of Chanel installation at WWDMAGIC in the North Hall. Charlotte Smith, author of Dreaming of Channel has brought key vintage designer pieces from her collection and will have them on display. Meet the author as she signs copies of her book:
Daily at 11:00 am  & 3:30 pm.

What are you most looking forward to during your time at MAGIC?
Witnessing a well-established and internationally recognized fashion fair at work. Because I live on the other side of the world, we see different designers, different fabrics and different collections that work for seasons in the southern hemisphere. I work with university fashion students and Australian fashion designers so I will be intrigued and excited to see what is going on in the US and will report back my findings. I am also excited to see French designers at the fair. WWDMAGIC is one of those events everyone in the fashion industry has heard of but only a small few (from Australia) gets to participate in. I am thrilled!
What is your biggest concern?
One of my suitcases - completely full with Dior, Chanel, Adolfo, Ceil Chapman and Oleg Cassini dresses - might get put onto another Qantas plane from the one I am flying on! 
What is your must have wardrobe item for your trip to MAGIC in Las Vegas?
My exquisitely embroidered silk coat worn by a glamorous Flapper in the 1920s. Think of a beautiful heiress involved in a Hercule Poirot murder mystery and what she might wear and then you can imagine what my beautiful coat looks like. I will wear it while I am in Las Vegas. It looks great with jeans or with an evening gown.
Who are your favorite living designers?
Even though he is technically not designing anymore, I adore Valentino and his gorgeously feminine and decadent gowns. Perfect for the perfect party. I also love Akira Isogawa, an Australian designer whose fluid and elegantly modern dresses are reminiscent of Madeliene Vionnet and her 'second skin' technique of cutting soft fabrics on the bias. 
What are your top 3 favorite items that you will have in your couture installation at MAGIC, and why?
I love one of my late 1940s Dior silk dresses with a matching coat and tulle underskirt. The hips of the jacket are padded with horsehair; the silk has a twill texture and is of the utmost quality. It is supremely elegant and sooo New Look. I also love a decadent red velvet Adolfo top and skirt from the 60s. Whenever I look at it, I instantly see images of a decadent pool party in Portofino, Italy or even the Hamptons. The sleeves are enormous and bell-shaped and bands of red braid accentuate each sleeve. My 3rd favorite has to be the flouncy, flamenco inspired silk dress by Balenciaga from the mid 70s. Each ruffle would have fluttered in the breeze as the wearer danced! The dress is so light it would have been a delight to wear.