Bendigo Wool and Sheep Fair in Victoria

A few days in Bendigo as a "Women of Wool' ambassador was a wonderful experience. Bendigo is a fabulous city with Parisian style buildings, a tram line AND the Bendigo Wool & Sheep Fair. I joined 5 other Women of Wool Ambassadors including my great friend Liz Foster, MD of The Australian Wool Fashion Awards and hundreds of magnificent sheep, the team from AWI (Australian Wool Innovation) and passionate wool growers. I also had a dinner or two at The Wine Banc. A great few days!
Fabric made from Australian wool (a small quantity from every wool gower in Australia) that was sent to England to be woven and then on to Italy to be prepared as fabric. A 10 meter bolt was sent to Prince William as a gift from the Australian Wool Growers in celebration of his marriage. The fabric was absolutely stunning. It would be perfect for a 40s style suit - beautifully tailored and very elegant. 

4 winners selected from hundreds of entries all competing for the supreme award given by The Australian Wool Fashion Awards. The craftsmanship, intriguing designs and decadent colours of beautiful wool made for serious eye candy.

We were all 'Ambassadors for Wool' at the lunch hosted by the Bendigo Fair organisers. I am wearing a 60s Australian printed wool mod dress.