A Lovely Letter from Florence Bibas, a Fan in Argentina

Dear Charlotte;

Good afternoon,

It is a pleasure to contact you.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Florence Bibas, Im a complete vintage fan and I live and work as a fashion stylist in Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America.

My husband,  discovered  `Dreaming of Dior` in a library in Buenos Aires and as he knows I adore vintage,   he surprised me with te gift…

It is a real pleasure to read every page and enjoy every illustration , they are amazing

I was wondering since your collection is so amazing and so the dream of every woman if you would be interested in staging an exhibition of just  a part of it in Buenos Aires …
I like the idea of linking it with a charity event,  as I am a volunteer in an orphanage down in BA …
I hope it wont be only just a dream !!

I would love at least,  to hear of you and will be very happy to receive you in our country if you ever decide to visit this part of the world...


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The cover of the book

I love this book ...
The author, Charlotte Smith, he wrote based on his own great experience. In 2004 he received an
inheritance from his godmother to over a thousand vintage pieces from all eras. From 1800 to Chanel
and Dior himself , which meet in the title of his book, the author tells the story of each of these pieces
illustrated by the great Grand Cowan who brings his wonderful vignettes ... The clothes and accessories
are part of the Foundation Darnell and are usually displayed Charlotte lives in Australia where currently ...
These are some of the many wonders that make up his private collection ...

The ladies of 1800 also donated their great outfits

Beginning of the century dresses

Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy showed something very similar this season!