Royal Wedding Dinner Party

A royal table setting with my Harrod's tote bag
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Penelope looking regal

Dana wears Jayson Brunsdon and Robert looks suave

Anarchist and punk rocker Karim and Penelope

Sarah wears vintage 50s (her mother's) and Graham

I love this photo - a wedding portrait of my English great grandmother in the late 1800s wearing a truly magnificent wedding dress - with  the newly wedded Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

a 1950s lace, tulle and silk wedding dress with
a fitted bolero jacket - from the collection

A selection of Darnell Collection wedding shoes from
the late 1700s to 1920
It was so thoughtful of Prince William and Kate to ensure their wedding celebrations was timed so perfectly for cocktail hour in Australia. So, at the stroke of 6:30pm when our television coverage commenced, the first of many corks was popped. I had a group of great friends around - all dressed suitably English or Royal. We dined on 'gourmet' Jamie Olivier fish pie to keep with an English theme. It was thrilling to see Kate's stunning vintage inspired dress, so reminiscient of Grace Kelly's beautiful wedding dress. It reminded me a little of a 1950s lace, tulle and silk wedding dress from the same era I have in the collection. We had a great night!