id Dunedin Fashion Week - Truly Inspirational

The view from my suite at the St Clair Resort

Toto, we are a long way from home!

View from my room looking out to the famous heated salt water pool

View from the hill above the hotel looking over St Clair beach

Great recycle shop in Dunedin - bought a dress and hat

Another recycling clothing shop - just vast!

Great label display in the window at Modern Miss

Fabulous window display in autumn colours at Modern Miss

Sooo many treasures in Modern Miss

Just such a beautiful shop - Modern Miss

The opening of id was held in The Otago Times (the city's newspaper) building - celebrating 150 years

'Paper Doll' competition - hundreds of dressed dolls captured the fashion spirit

I have only been here 24 hours and already I am bowled over by the city, my hotel (St. Clair Resort) and the committee behind New Zealand's 'id Dunedin Fashion Week'. To say I am being well looked after is an understatement! The view from my room overlooks the vast Tasman Ocean and the vintage shopping in town is incredible. I visited 'Shop on Carroll', 'Save Mart', 'Purple Rain' and 'Modern Miss'. I bought something from everyone (as you do!) but was astounded by the glamour and quality at Modern Miss where I bought heaps which will be seen on the catwalk on Friday and Saturday night. id Dunedin Fashion Week opened at the former Otago News Ltd building in downtown Dunedin. Absolut Vodka cocktails were served to the movers and shakes of the fashion industry and sponsors in this fabulous dymanic town. So .... enjoy my photos from the first day and keep checking for updates on what is looking like the most incredible week ahead. More tomorrow!