Continuing the adventure in Dunedin during id Fashion Week

A swanky lunch at Bacchus Restaurant

My formidable team from Otago Polytechnic: Allison, Kirsten, Phillip and Charlotte

ready for 1500 spectators

one of several great sponsors of the event

first stop - Dunedin!

a stunning couture creation by Liz Mitchell from Auckland

another photo of the team on Evening 1

beautiful garments by Akira

a bit of knitted colour on the catwalk

finally a sunny day and the view from my hotel room balcony

Club Couture lunch at Pier 24 at the St Clair Resort

Elegant models at the Club Couture lunch at Pier 24

My great helpers on Evening 2

Tanya Carlson's pretty, feminine collection

Carol Hirschfeld, John Cambell of TV3 NZ with Susie (Chairman) and Mark

camera crews catch all the backstage excitment

a stunning Akira model waiting to walk the catwalk

John Cambell from TV 3 NZ with Kirsten, Charlotte and Allison

Akira's ethereal collection at Dunedin

Charlotte looking stunning in 70s Danica of Double Bay

a yellow moire silk evening dress

Allison and model - Olivia backstage