'Campaign for Wool Australia' launched at Admiralty House, Sydney

First time sheep have grazed on the lawns of Admiralty House in over 100 years!

A very elegant Admiralty House

Esteemed guests including Collette Dinnigan and Jenny Kee


Rmance was Born

Thom Browne

Jenny Kee

On a stunning early autumn evening I attended the launch of 'Campaign For Wool' at Admiralty House in Sydney. Wearing my super special Jil Sander sleek black WOOL cocktail dress I arrived just in time to walk in with Jonathan Ward and to meet Her Excellancy Quentin Bryce - one of the most stylish women in Australia. After speeches in the grand ballroom 150 guests were ushered into the marquee and treated to a catwalk parade of iconic Australian designer wool garments and several by international designers like Missoni and Thom Browne - all made from Australian Merino Wool. I am a huge advocate of wool - I love the journey wool takes from the sheep's back to international catwalk with so many people, industries and organisations involved along the way. Wool is such a fabulous fibre - it is sustainable, can be woven in so many textures, holds dye beautifully, drapes and tailors to perfection. I was lucky enough to be given 70 designer wool garments by Australian and international designers by AWI. The variety of shapes, styles and looks the AWI collection and the hundreds of vintage wool garments from my collection illustrates how versatile this fibre is. I love wool!