Men's Fashion Honoured at the NVG's ManStyle

'ManStyle' opened with a big party at the NGV in March. For the first time in Australia, an exhibition dedicated to the changing, exciting, sometimes eccentric, often classic fashion for menswear is on at the NVG in Melbourne until November. I had the great pleasure of being invited to the preview before the opening and was able to wander around the exhibition with only a few other guests. Men's fashions from beautifully embroidered 18th century waistcoats and brocaded frockcoats were displayed near fabulous 70s zip trousers suits like the brown outfit by Pierre Cardin. One of the men's suits from The Darnell Collection is included in the exhibition, a 4 piece suit made from Australian Merino wool and cotton seersucker by American designer Thom Browne. The exhibition is wonderful. It shows how wild some men prefer to dress, how patterned many of the fabrics are, how creative menswear designers are free to be and how evolving silhouettes from each decade over the past 200 years can be. 'ManStyle' is a must for anyone who loves a great fashion exhibition and for all those men who complain men's fashion is boring!