When I received the dreaded phone call that my collection had to be moved post haste from its cosy storage room in the old ESMOD building in Sydney, my heart sank. Where was I going to store it? And the cost was a huge worry too. Luckily a friend alerted me to a new company in Sydney called Smartbox. Their slogan is "storage that comes to you" and that is exactly what happened. Actually, 4 storage boxes arrived and I packed all 5500 pieces into boxes and put them in an organised manner into the boxes. They were then driven away. Even better, one of the boxes was completely outfitted for my Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel dresses with racks on which I could hang everything. And when I visited the storage unit today I was very impressed to see a brand new and spotless, dustfree, temperature controlled space. My clothes and I are VERY happy. Thanks to the entire team who has looked after me and to Anthony who helped cart all 198 boxes from the second floor! I highly recommend this brilliant company especially since they allow me (and all their other customers) to access my storage boxes anytime I need at no cost. Someone was definitely looking out for me!