Just a few decadent pieces for my vintage jewellery collection I bought in Maine during my extravagant week. The gold rose brooch and the bud on a stem brooch are both by Giovanni and date 1960s. 
The stunning cut glass flower brooch came from Vintage Scamp - one of the best on-line vintage jewellery sites I and dates 1950s. (I wore this just recently to a HarperCollins function - it was much admired). 

The tiara was a $5 purchase from the Flea Market in Brunswick, Maine - pretty elegant and very suitable for my next invite to Blenheim Palace!!

Edwardian bust decadently adorned with a 70s faux pearl bib collar

 And of course, my couture 'Western' faux pearl 'bandana' is to die for. I feel like Ginger Rogers when I wear it - way OUT! So, just goes to show - NYC isn't the only place to buy divine vintage jewels! Just head on up to Maine!!