The Darnell Collection at the Sofitel Wentworth

This was a fun evening!!!

For once I could dress up, with full hair and make up, and enjoy the evening even though I was involved. All my work happened weeks before the actual parade. Weekly fittings with models and decisions about accessories which required careful searching through textile boxes and in storage cupboards to find the items needed.

The theme of the parade was 'Recollections of French fashion in Sydney in the 40s - 60s'. I didn't know this, but there was huge interest by wealthy ladies in Sydney and Melbourne to be dressed in French fashion, especially Dior. With Margot Riley at the Sate Library and Pia, who lives, dresses and breathes the 1950s, 8 models and outfits were chosen to illustrate the thriving fashion industry over here. The Wentworth Hotel has always had connections with fashion and celebrities in glamorous French outfits, including Princess
Diana and Princess Grace who danced in the hotel's ballroom, so a parade here was fitting.

An enormous catwalk was set up, appropriate music from the era selected by Margot and with only one rehearsal 30 minutes before the evening kicked off, we were ready. 350 people attended and seemed to love every minute. I hope the images transport you back to this great era in Sydney. Enjoy!